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3 Ways To Survive Cabin Fever in Rabun Gap, Georgia

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

As summer approaches and our AC bill climbs, I can’t help but long for the crisp mountain air. Anthony and I had previously spent a New Year’s weekend with a group of our friends at a cabin in Rabun Gap, Georgia, a town I had never heard of before this trip. But considering the price was a steal for when we were trying to book, we all figured it was worth checking out.

This was also my first time dealing with Airbnb. I had wanted to try it for a while, but I guess the timing was never right. Alas, much like the sword of Gryffindor, this cabin presented itself to me at the perfect moment for our last minute holiday weekend getaway. We stayed here, and had a really great experience. The view from the top of a mountain, overlooking the valley was breath taking and the owners were really nice and easy to communicate with.

Rabun Gap is a little town right outside Clayton, GA, close to Franklin, North Carolina. There honestly isn’t a whole lot to do, but it is considered “the rainiest town in Georgia” so I thought hey, we might get to see some snow while we are there (I had never seen snow before this trip!).

While we didn’t get snow (not really anyway), we were able to find some things to venture out and do in the area when our cabin fever started kicking in. So, if you ever find yourself in the northwest Georgia mountains (Black Rock Mountain is the one we were closest to), here are a few things that you should check out:

1. Tallulah Gorge – Tallulah Falls, Georgia

We wanted to see a waterfall or two while we were in the mountains. The cabin had a bunch of books with information on ones to check out. Tallulah Gorge was the main one and the easiest, it seemed like, to get to.

Upon arrival to the state park, they provide you with a map. On there it explains how long it takes to reach each stopping point. Two of them required a permit and were like five hours long. We wanted to stay on the quick and easy trails. We thought we were going onto the 30-45 minute hike. However, 500+ stairs later, we found ourselves on the two hour hike! It was exhausting if you are not in very good physical shape (like me), but it was still fun and we definitely had a story to tell when we got back.

The hike, although strenuous, was beautiful. The quick hike takes you to the edge of a cliff overlooking the waterfall and gorge. If you walk down the steep, metal grated stairs, you end up on a suspension bridge that crosses over the gorge. That view was probably my favorite (beware… there are little assholes who want to shake the bridge as a joke).

Once you cross the bridge you can either go down 300 more steps and get right by the river, or go up some 300 steps and walk around the other side of the valley. Or you can simply recross the suspension bridge, go up the stairs you came down and end your hike. That is considered the 30-45 minutes… we didn’t realize it until we were up the other side of the valley.

2. Goats on the Roof:

We passed this on our ride into town. Their huge sign of a cartoon goat made us yell “GOAT!!” mid sentence and we knew it would be part of our weekend. It is a family friendly goat petting zoo. The goats can walk around on the roof, and have their own jungle gym. It also has a gift shop and concession stand (that didn’t have any food when we stopped in). I imagine this place is adorable during warmer months when it isn’t too cold for the goats to walk around.

3. Oinkers BarBQ

After a two hour hike, all seven of us were starving. We were banking on Goats on the Roof having food, and were very disappointed when they didn’t. Not really caring where we went next, we found this little barbecue place and stuffed our faces. On the ride there, it started snowing (just some flurries… but enough to get all of us ladies excited). The snow flurries took our minds off of being hungry just long enough for us to stick out our tongues and catch the cold rain. Oinkers was a little hole in the wall, with delicious food and the hospitable wait staff. I suggest ordering the onion rings with whatever you get. They are huge! Also try the ranch if that’s your thing, it’s homemade and I wanted to steal the whole jug.

Besides that, we mostly just had fun drinking and talking around the fire pit, playing games and enjoying each other’s company.

We read about plenty more things to do, but since we went during off season a lot was closed. I’d think it would be worth going back in the spring, however, and checking the rest of it out.

Have you been to Rabun Gap or the surrounding area? What were some cool places that you found? Let me know in the comments!

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