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How To Pack For Winter in Iceland

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Iceland Thingvellir

While Iceland doesn’t ever get particularly hot, we visited during winter (which you can read more about here) and it was the coldest place us Florida babies had ever been to. So, in efforts to help other naturally warm blooded travelers, I’ve come up with a list of packing essentials for your own Iceland winter wonderland adventure.

Five Things You Must Pack For A Winter Trip To Iceland

1. Thermal Undergarments

This one is probably a no brainer, but pack a couple of those thermal undershirts and pants. The wind in Iceland is no joke and when it’s biting through your jeans you’ll be happy to have that extra layer.

2. Sunglasses

If you’re like me then you bring sunglasses everywhere (I’m one of those people who wear sunglasses inside and get weird stares because I’m just so sensitive to light). However, if you’re not like me, it’s a good idea to bring a pair of sunglasses. Even if it’s a particularly grey day, I was happy to have them on to help my eyes not get totally dried out from the wind.

3. Waterproof Shoes

Make sure these aren’t just waterproof, but also durable shoes with good traction. And probably wear them on your flights. Mine were heavy so I wore them to not take up space in my carryon, but was also glad that I did because it was super icy walking out of the airport. So sturdy shoes that can handle getting wet are a must.

4. Balaclave

I didn’t know what these were called for the longest, I just said a face mask wind breaker thingy. Alas, there is an official name for them. Anyway! I got one for Anthony and I and it was probably my most prized article of clothing the whole trip (besides the waterproof hiking shoes). I feel like a broken record, but seriously, that wind is no joke. Especially outside the city. Was so happy to have this to keep my nose from falling off.

5. A Bathing Suit

If you’re planning on visiting the Blue Lagoon (or another naturally occurring hot spring, or if your accommodation has a jacuzzi) don’t forget your bathing suit! And a cheap pair of flip flops so you don’t have to walk around barefoot.


Overall, I wore about four layers a day. Thermal undershirt and leggings, a long sleeve shirt, a light jacket and a big waterproof puffy windbreaker with a hood. I was able to rewear the long sleeve shirts since I had the undershirts.

Then thick socks, a beanie, and gloves (the ones where the fingers come off are my favorite) to stay especially cozy. Oh, and don’t forget your chap stick!

So really if you plan for that, keep your clothing options simple to be able to rewear them and then carry/wear your jackets on the plane, you should have no problem packing for a week in Iceland with just a carryon.

It was our first time not checking a bag and now that’s the only way we will travel. It’s so freeing!

What am I missing from my list? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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