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Deland: The Grilled Cheese Stop On A Florida Road Trip

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Alright, the final installment of our Birthday Road Trip Extravaganza(!!). If you aren’t caught up to speed and would like to know more about the road trip that I am talking about, be sure to check out my last two posts (Part One and Part Two), where I show you our route and a few places we stopped in each town. This post will cover our last legs, Mount Dora and Deland.

So the next morning we woke up, checked out of the hotel and went to find breakfast. With no real place in mind, we happened to see a bright yellow sign that shouted “BIG BREAKFAST.” Liking a big breakfast, we looked up the place it was advertising and found it was The Windsor Rose Tea Room and Restaurant.

The Windsor Rose Tea Room and Restaurant

Given the name, you could probably tell that this might be a quaint little English inspired restaurant… and you’d be correct. It was decked out with different teapots, teas and pictures of everything British. Lovely, just lovely. In a way it made me miss the UK. They have a huge selection of teas that you can try, and you don’t just get one cup, they steep a whole little pot for you.

As for breakfast, Anthony got the Salmon Benedict and said that it was delicious. I got the English breakfast (I don’t remember the exact name of it as seen on their menu). If you’re in an English restaurant and tea room, chances are you can’t go wrong with the traditional English breakfast.

-Renningers Flea Market

After we enjoyed breakfast we ventured out to the Renningers Flea Market. Highly popular in Mount Dora. Half of the land is a flea market and the other section is an antique market. It’s huge and we enjoyed browsing around. The flea market was so big that we didn’t have time to walk over to the antique market. But I’m sure there were some great things that I probably would have spent too much money on, so it’s better that way. They also hold special events all the time. Here is there Facebook page if you’re interested in keeping tabs on them.

*Fun Fact* : Did you know that Mount Dora was a split home to the steam train that was featured in some well known movies, including my personal favorite Coen Brothers movie, O Brother Where Art Thou? It was called the Orange Blossom Cannonball and went between Mount Dora and Taveres, FL. Unfortunately, as of 2017, it stopped operating. Here is an article explaining the sudden stop. I had hoped they would leave it in Mount Dora as some sort of landmark, but according to the article it is going back to Arkansas, where it’s original owner lives (*sad face*). That would have been wonderful to see in person.

Furthermore, Mount Dora has a bunch of little shops, bars, restaurants, and I believe even a lighthouse; so it is easy to spend a whole weekend exploring what this adorable town has to offer.

5. Deland:

Our final stop on our Birthday Road Trip Extravaganza is the little town of Deland. If you’re anything like me, you saw the sign for this on I-95 right before you get onto I-4 to go to Orlando and never really thought “huh I wonder what’s in Deland” because you were too busy thinking “huh, I wonder how many butterbeers I can drink before I will throw up on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” (if we are comparing between Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter… Harry Potter Land is the happiest place on earth… but that’s a conversation for another day).

We knew we didn’t have a lot of time to spend here because we had to get back home in time for a birthday party my parents were throwing me (awh, so sweet). We parked on the charming main strip that had a bunch of bars, restaurants and cafes. It had a huge Victorian era mural of townspeople on the side of the restaurant Byte. They made the area into a little courtyard with a fountain and a place to sit and read (or however you pass the time).

Besides this strip, the only other thing I knew of to check out in Deland was the Steson Mansion, but we didn’t have time and wanted to eat lunch. By the photos though, it looks pretty fancy and worth going to when you do have more time.

Yolo Bar Grilled Cheese

For lunch we ate at Yolo Bar Grilled Cheese, and it is exactly what you’d expect from the title. Drink you some booze (complete with bendy straw) and eat you a decked out grilled cheese. They have a great menu, and even a grilled cheese challenge: five of their grilled cheese sandwiches smashed together, a plate of tater tots and a bowl of soup. You have an hour to finish it and it’s free, otherwise it’s $50.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere, what with the writing on the walls with chalk and did I mention bendy straws in the cocktails?! We were very happy to have chosen this place to check out in our quick visit to Deland.

Welp folks, that concludes the Birthday Road Trip Extravaganza(!!).

So what about you? Have you taken any road trips in Florida? Or in general? If so, where did you go? Leave me a comment, I’d love to be inspired by your adventures!

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